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Get That Cute Hug Ring for $0.01! With Free Shipping. (No, seriously).

Cute Hug Ring Sterling Silver

Anyone who usually scrolls through Pintrest is bound to have come across the various ads promoting this adorable resizable Hug Ring in Silver and Gold. The thing is though, the companies that are promoting this adorable item on Pintrest and most likely other platforms too are not the only ones selling the item. What’s more, they are selling it for a pretty handsome mark up.

I clicked on the link in Pintrest out of curiosity to see how much the price would be to buy this ring and I was pretty shocked at what I saw. One site called Hug Jewellery is actually selling this ring, and only this ring, which seems a little suspect to me to start with. Anyway, it all made more sense when I saw the price… They have this item listed at it’s full price for $39.99! That being said, the day I looked they were offering a 50% discount so it was selling for $19.99.

Where Can I Get The Hug Ring From For $0.01?

The one and only place to get this delightful little Hug Ring from is at our good friends over at AliExpress! I have been a big fan of Ali for quite some time now and it is for exactly this reason. You can usually find the identical items for sale on AliExpress for a fraction of the price that you find them for sale at other places, like Amazon or via retailers.

In addition, in an attempt to stay competitive with the other dominant online sellers such as Amazon, AliExpress will usually offer free shipping, and this item is no exception. Having said that, however, shopping on AliExpress does come with one small drawback. Shipping duration.

As those who have shopped on Ali before will know, one of the only negatives of AliExpress shopping is the time that the items take to arrive. Since we have all become so accustomed to shopping on Amazon and having our packages hand delivered the very next day (or the same day in some instances) we have come to expect a LOT of our online retailers.

So, for those who are too impatient to wait the few weeks that the AliExpress shipping will take to arrive to you, I have a plan B!

Get the Hug Ring in Silver or Gold from AliExpress or Amazon.
Get the Hug Ring in Silver or Gold from AliExpress or Amazon.

Where Can I Get The Hug Ring Sooner?

Of course, the answer is Amazon. However, the item is still not being delivered with Next Day Delivery, it is arriving much more quickly than with the AliExpress option (6 weeks). Unfortunately, the catch with buying on Amazon is that you are going to pay a lot more for it, comparatively speaking. That being said, it still isn’t what I would call expensive either. At the time of writing the cute hug ring was selling from as little as $2.68 + $7.16 shipping for a grand total of $9.94, up to $20.99 with free shipping, depending on the seller that you want to buy from.

Where Would I Recommend Buying The Hug Ring From?

My personal preference would be to opt for the cheap and cheerful AliExpress option. My thinking on this is pretty simple; it is literally the exact same item that you would be buying from either retailer, the only difference being that you are overpaying on Amazon and putting money straight into the pockets of the Amazon Seller for no reason.

As long as you are happy to wait a little bit longer for your item to arrive you can save 99399.99999999999% on the item, That sounds like a LOT! When you think about, this seems perfectly doable considering it isn’t a day to day necessity like shampoo or a phone charger which we simply cannot live without.

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