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I foundered Donc Voilà Quoi when I was living in Tours, France and I fell in love with the phrase.

It’s one of those quirky French phrases that doesn’t really make that much sense when you directly translate it back to English. It means, “so here it is what”. I feel that the words have more meaning when you understand the context of the usage of the phrase. It is usually added on to the end of a sentence when the speaker has made their point. Much in the same way as an Australian would say ‘so, yeah’ to finish speaking about an subject.

During this time I had seized the opportunity and embarked on the ultimate act of liberation – quitting my 9 to 5 and moving to France! I mean who wouldn’t be filled with the joy de vivre of living in a sleepy little village just outside Bordeaux with precious little else to do than cook, eat, learn French and try to steer clear of all those chiselled rugby players that they grow down there in the south west of France.

It was always my dream of mine to work for myself and I knew that fortune favoured the brave, so , after a year of planning and working out my prior contract I was packed and ready to go.

While I was in France I started writing in a wide array of genres including content writing, professional writing and creative writing. As well as learning French and eating quite a few croissants I spent a lot of time falling in love with the various Chateaux of the Loire Valley, all religious architecture and Brocantes.

My journey to become a healer

I always kind of laugh when I think about my journey to become a healer. As you may have picked up by now, I am partial too language and I love to analyse the words we use to communicate. As I have said so many times before, I am driven by my fascination of the human condition. It’s all very Joseph Campbell. However, as with most people who gravitate to the healing and wellness space I don’t think that I was actually on a journey as much as I was stuck in a level of ignorance of my calling and gifts in life, and it took me some years to come back home.

I believe that you have a divine design and that what you are looking for is already within you. That is why after a decade of seeing clients for a variety or reasons such as depression, nutrition, spiritual awakening, relationship and marriage and others; I came to the realisation that this was only part of my divine mission. I have been bestowed with the gift of language and writing and of an all encompassing sense of humanity. I am the girl that you start chatting to in the check-out line and then stand in the carpark talking to for 45 minutes telling her about your life. I cannot help it, and I wouldn’t even if I could.

It is due to this ability that I am compelled to write as I do. My fictional works are the manifestation of tying up into neat packages the plethora of experiences and insights that I have been blessed with over the course of my life. I hope that they resonate with you.

If you would like to discuss more about my work as a counsellor or holistic healer then please, pop over to where you can join the waiting list.

Please note that there are a select group of people who I will work with for severely reduced rates. I do this because I have seen that there are various segments of our society that are severely under-supported and who often desperately need to talk to someone. This list is:

  • Veterans / Service People
  • Single Parents
  • Adolescents

If you, or someone you know would like to speak to a counsellor, please email me at or message me on social media at @doncvoilaquoi.

My daily life

I am at my core, a student of the human condition. I try to express the truths of the things that I know to be true in my role as a writer. I express my overwhelming empathy for my fellow man through my work as a counsellor. I don’t see these threads as being separate, but as individual elements that when woven together form the complex tapestry that is life.

When I am not writing books or speaking to people, you’ll find me out and about in nature with my three boys, watching whodunit’s or cooking up a storm.

For inquiries please email on or message me directly on Social Media.

A Message From Jessie

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Amazon has graciously invited me to take part in their Amazon Influencer Program. As such I now have a Storefront on Amazon. Don’t forget to check it out here Donc Voilà Quoi on Amazon for all my favourite products.

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