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What Is K Beauty (Korean Beauty)

What Is K Beauty?

“Glass Skin”- If you’ve ever googled glass skin, searches show up about K-beauty products that can help you achieve that look. Korean Beauty or more widely known as K Beauty is skincare and cosmetic products made with innovative ingredients.

If you have heard about K Beauty, chances are you’ve also heard about the infamous 10 step skincare routine. The world of K Beauty Skincare and makeup is very intriguing and a tad daunting. If you are new to the K Beauty world, read on ahead to see why you should invest in K Beauty and what makes it stand out?

What Is K Beauty?

Similar to K Pop (Gangnam Style, anyone?), K Beauty is the abbreviated name by which the South Korean Beauty products and trends has become known in the west.

The purpose of K Beauty is to achieve radiant, dewy, and youthful-looking skin that appears flawless with or without makeup. What makes K beauty stand out is that the products are curated with the “Korean beauty philosophy” in mind that is to nourish the skin and improve its health over time rather than being a temporary fix. K beauty is about creating a beautiful canvas with a personalized and consistent skincare routine that shows positive results. To summarize, K beauty is a skincare lifestyle that focuses on hydrating and nourishing the skin with innovative ingredients that make skin supple and beautiful with time. Trust us! Your skin will thank you for it!

    What Are The Origins Of K Beauty?

    The Rich beauty legacy and traditions are part of generations. As an Agroeconomy, most Koreans spent their time under the harsh rays of the sun. Therefore, they had learned and found ways to heal the damage. It became the basis of Korean Beauty.

    Natural ingredients like the mung bean, rice water, and camellia were staples as they were rich in antioxidants alongside having hydrating properties. These ingredients have passed the test of time and are still part of today’s skincare formulas.

    Today’s modern K Beauty products have evolved with time. New formulas with innovative ingredients and new creative products have stemmed (essences, serums, skin lotions, and more) that all work on the K Beauty philosophy.

    The purpose of K Beauty is to achieve radiant, dewy, and youthful-looking skin that appears flawless with or without makeup.

    Why Has It Become So Popular?

    K Beauty has been around for centuries. In recent years has become one of the top ten markets in the world. K Beauty has evolved to include not only skincare and skincare routines but makeup products as well. K beauty’s allure lies in its all-natural and healthy ingredients that cater to all skin types (yes! even sensitive skin!). Everyone wants a clear complexion with flawlessly smooth skin; Korean beauty delivers that.

    The ingredients and products play a huge role in its popularity. Products like serums, ampoules, essence, and masks; all aim to nourish the many layers of your skin. Likewise, ingredients like pearl powder, snail mucin, or donkeys milk are a staple in K Beauty products.

    Like all skincare, understanding your skin is essential in setting up a K beauty routine. K beauty stresses customization. Therefore, a K Beauty routine puts you in the practice of assessing your skin’s needs each day and adjust your regimen accordingly. This tailoring is better for your skin in the long term and way better than a quick fix that will last two days at max.  

    What Are The Famous /Cult Products /Brands?

    Now onwards to the best part, the products themselves. To start your K beauty skincare routine, look no further than this list. It highlights some of the finest K Beauty brands that know what the skin needs.  


    COSRX is almost synonymous with K Beauty. It’s one of the most mainstream brands in the western beauty market and has garnered a cult following quickly. COSRX is the perfect brand to start your Korean skincare journey. Products like the Acne Pimple Master Patch eliminates zits and breakouts in a snap. Alternatively, you can also use the Advanced Snail 92 All-In-One Cream for acne and a bonus of plumper skin.  Likewise, for dry skin? Their Full-Fit Propolis Honey Overnight Mask will moisturize and repair your skin. Oily skin woes? The Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap is your new best friend.


    It might be a relatively new K beauty brand compared to others yet, it’s already making headlines and has crafted its niche in the market. It’s infamous for its ingredients like volcanic clay and green tea from Jeju Island. Its bestsellers include The Intensive Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed and Pore Clearing Clay Mask 2X with Super Volcanic Clusters which are skin-friendly on all types. It also has an excellent face powder that is worth having. The Matte Mineral Setting Powder has unbelievable oil control. 


    Missha is famous for its star product, the Time Revolution Line.  They have since then expanded and have various products that cater to all skin types. If you’ve never heard of their line, we recommend you start with the Time Revolution: The First Treatment Essence RX (4th Gen), a Holy Grail among consumers. Missha also holds its own when it comes to cosmetics. Their M Magic Cushion is a sure-fire way to achieve a dewy glass skin complexion. Another must buy from their makeup is the M Perfect Cover BB Cream. It functions as a primer, foundation, sunscreen, and serum. We all love a multipurpose product.  


    Laneige is a tried and tested K Beauty Brand; it translates to “the snow” in French so, you already know what the product brings to the table: radiant, youthful-looking skin.

    Their Water Sleeping Mask is a dream to apply. It contains Hunza apricot extracts along with evening primrose. The overnight application will give you bright and nourished skin regardless of your hours of sleep. Its Glowy Makeup Serum is also a game-changer for your makeup application. This lightweight primer is hydrating and contains a natural mineral diamond.


    Skinfood, in all its actuality, is food for your skin. This brand has an ethos of all-natural and top-quality food ingredients and, the products smell divine! To begin with, the Black Sugar Mask Wash Off is a perfect skin cleanser and exfoliator. From your face to your elbows and heels, it sloughs off dead skin cells with ease. Another must-have is the Egg White Pore Foam that deep cleans your pores. Likewise, their Salmon Dark Circle Concealer (1 and 2) is a cult favorite for hiding dark under-eye circles. They have also dived into hair care, their hair rejuvenation serum Argan Oil Repair Plus Heat Serum in Oil is a must-try!

      I Want To Try It Out. What K Beauty Products Should I Start With?

      If you’re overwhelmed by the 10-step routine, you’re not alone. But that shouldn’t be your focus. Furthermore, you don’t have to follow all ten steps either. Your focus should be instead on nourishing and keeping your skin hydrated.

      No one knows your skin better than you! You alone know what it needs: extra moisture? Oil Control? Understanding your skin is essential in setting up a skincare regimen. You don’t have to throw out your previous products altogether. Switch up a few products and see what works for you. A few areas that require focus are cleansing, applying SPF, and moisturizing. CROSX is a good K Beauty brand to invest in as a beginner. It has a wide range of products ranging across all skin types.

      Where Can I Buy Korean Beauty Products?

      K Beauty products are available online pretty much anywhere ranging from the well known retailers, the brands’ respective sites or Amazon (caveat: many of the better known products and beauty brands are being sold on Amazon as real, but are in fact fake – read more on Fake Amazon products here.) Furthermore, stores like your local Sephora and CVS also stock your favourite K Beauty Brands and, you can find them with ease. Wholesale retailers like Walmart also have k beauty products available.

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