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My Etsy Mother’s Day Gifts Picks

My Etsy Mother's Day Gifts Picks

My Etsy Mother’s Day Gifts Picks

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This year make it a very special mother’s day for Mum with these Etsy’s Mother’s Day Gifts Editors Picks. Personally, I can’t believe that it has been almost 8 years since I had my first. Time really does fly when you are sleep-deprived! I am now happily the proud mama to no less than 3 excitable little boys, each of whom test and reward me in their own special way.

I have to say in all honesty, that Mother’s Day is a very sweet day to celebrate being a mum but the truth is that if you choose to live your life well, you remember that evert day is a day to be celebrated – which goes for Mother’s, Fathers and Children.

I was pleased to discover this year that there is a lesser-known day later in the year which is called Middle Child Day! As a mother of 3, this was of special significance to me considering my middle child is a very sensitive and creative child who always benefits form a little more celebrating.

This photo describes them all perfectly, one running around for no reason, one creating something that he simply cannot be disturbed from and one observing quietly.

Even though you should be celebrating your kids and parent’s everyday, this year if you are looking for a Mother’s Day Gift, look no further than these lovely options from the unique handmade sellers on Etsy.

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My Etsy Mother’s Day Gifts Picks

My Etsy Mother’s Day Gifts Picks

1. Personalised Dalmatian Jasper Gemstone Necklace

A lovely Dalmatian Jasper stone is topped with a petite triangle that can be personalised with your initial or the initial for mum. These necklaces look lovely just as a statement piece and can also be layered with other chains for instant Insta-cool girl look.

Known as a positivity stone, Dalmatian Jasper is said to reconnect you to your playful nature, bringing joy to your daily life. This is something that every mum can benefit from I think. It’s also thought to help you reaffirm your purpose when you’re feeling a little off track. What mu would have ever felt that way…

This gift will arrive in a Lucent Studio gift box, ready for gifting. The little triangles are vintage stock from the 1970s and will show signs of wear which make them unique, jut like mum.

2. Personalized Foot Print Necklace

Is there anything sweeter than a little baby foot? Well, pretty much anything on a cute baby is adorable. This seller has a ingenious way of keeping that moment with you everyday. These little charms are the perfect gift for any mum, including a mum to be and those who have lost children as well. Memories will always live with us no matter our story and these are a sweet way of keeping that precious time in our lives alive.

3. Super Mum! Gold Foiled Card

Luxury ‘Super Mum’ Greeting Card A fun card based on an original illustration of a super mum dressed in a cape and leopard print boots. It is a sweet way of celebrating mum this year on Mother’s Day.

4. Personalised Mummy & Baby Tiger Wrapping Paper

This adorable Mother’s Day and Father’s Day personalised wrapping paper is too cute not to get. Each sheet is printed in their family-run studio on high-quality generous-size wrapping paper. Wrapping paper in full size Each sheet is 61cm x 70cm in size and is printed on 100gsm Premium Matt Coated Paper.

The design can be customised with your own text. All you need to do it to select the image you want to use: tiger, elephant, or leopard. The wrapping paper is available in single sheets or in sets. Simply choose an option from the dropdown menu on Esty.

This item can be customised. Please double-check the spelling of your personalised text before printing, as it cannot be changed or refunded.

5. Pale Pink Luxury Silk Eye Mask

Let’s be honest, if there is one thing we can give a mum for mother’s day it is the gift of a good night’s sleep! With an elasticated band for a secure fit, this luxuriously soft silk eye masks ensure a restful night’s sleep.

What’s more, the silk prevents creases and wrinkles around the eyes while also allowing your skin to breathe and prevent wrinkles. I have been using a silk eye mask for several years now after receiving one as a gift when I had my first child and I was amazed at how effective it was at protecting the skin and ensuring a good night’s sleep. I think once you try one you will never go back. They make excellent gifts for mum and also for frequent travellers who enjoy a flight nap.

Mille Saisons’ silk eye masks have a double layer of cotton padding before being handstitched shut and packaged in tissue paper and a gift box.

6. Luxury Rose Pink Women’s Long Sleeve Pyjamas

There are few pleasures in life that surpass a lovely set of pyjamas and a lovely comfortable bed with crisp clean sheets.

Let mum snuggle into bed in these adorable, and pink, Blossom print pyjama set, which was inspired by a love of calming dusky rose neutral tones and floral sketches. Made of breathable wonderfully soft cotton, they are designed with comfort and ease in mind.

They have a classic button-down with a notch collar, piping, and a front pocket. The tailored silhouette is universally flattering and always conveys a poised and put-together vibe. All that is needed now is breakfast in bed and a bunch of Tesco’s flowers and mothers day this year will be a home run. finest

These pyjamas have button cuffs in case mum wants to roll up the sleeves and the trousers have pockets on both sides for storing stuff like her phone – or just for convenience. The soft, loose cotton fabric will allow her body to breathe and provides wonderful comfort as she drifts off to sleep.

7. & 8. Personalised Leather Coin Purse

I love this bright and beautiful animal print card + coin purse. It is a taste of the wild in your pocket, made from hot pink fuchsia leather and printed with red leopard spots.

It is one of the items on this list that is personalised and that gives a gift a lot more impact, believe me. These leather coin purses are the ideal size for when you don’t need your entire wallet such as nights out (haha whenever that is), vacations, and light travel. They are the ideal gift for Mum on Mother’s Day especially with initials on the front and a secret message printed inside.

I additionally love these because they are handmade here in the UK, at their workshop in the New Forest, from sustainably sourced, premium quality British leather. A clever origami design that is seamless and does not require stitching, with a secure popper to keep all the little coins safe. There is room for 3-4 cards as well which is all you need honestly.

9. & 10. Mum’s Affirmation Mug

Sometimes in life even mum’s need a little encouragement! This mug is the perfect item for that. With a bright colourful design and hilarious and heart-warming affirmations this mug will be the perfect present for mum this Mother’s Day.

11. & 12. Spring Bound Hand Painted Candle

There are candles and then there are hand painted candles. Because each candle is made to order, the seller says that because they mix their own paint, the colours may differ slightly from those shown in the photos, but as much as possible they are intended to make them all the same.

They also do bespoke orders and personalisation, so if you want something different from what’s on here, please message them and they’ll be happy to help you make your vision a reality. This makes these lovely candles the perfect gift for a floral loving mum this Mother’s Day.

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