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18 Affordable Marks and Spencer Spring Summer 2023 Wardrobe Picks

My Marks and Spencer Spring Summer 2023 Wardrobe Picks

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Welcome to Spring Summer 2023! We made it through the snowstorms and frosts of winter and we are now ready to start feeling a little warmer and less battened down. This season I am inclined towards several very specific inspirations and this list form the, now incredibly chic Marks and Spencer, does not miss on those trends.

If I had to pick my absolute favourites on this list it would be; number 13 - ALBARAY Ditsy Floral Ruffle Midaxi Drop Waist Dress; number 8 - FINERY LONDON Polka Dot Midi Waisted Dress; and number 2 - GHOST Satin V-Neck Midi Waisted Dress Long Sleeve. 

Summary of my Spring Summer 2023 Wardrobe Picks from Marks and Spencer

This season I am inspired by a few dominant trends that I just can’t seem to get enough of.

Chunky Be Gone!

I am sad to says that the oversize chunky shoe or boot is facing a bit of a challenge dominance from some compelling alternatives. Most noteworthy of which, is the return of the cowboy boot but in a new pared-down minimalist inspired style with the silhouette being sufficient in its simplicity.

In addition to this sleep trend, we are also seeing a little chunkier than before version of the loafer shoe. A thick square toe and a focus always on comfort and a juxtaposed style with shoes and clothing seems to prevail if you are looking to emulate that Instagram It Girl aesthetic.


This pattern pairs with both the court shoe and loafer trend that is dominating your feed these days and it has been a good while since we have seen this in garments outside of coats. But as we can see here with this beautifully flowing Pure Silk Printed Collared Shirt and Pant ensemble by JAEGER. The head to toe look is perfectly fine this year. I am also seeing the print come through in tan and olive versions, which is a very traditional option, but I think my pic will rest with the black and white version.

Flowing Florals

For a lass who is very much inclined towards vintage fashion vibes, you dont need tell me twice that feminine florals are in such as in this beautiful Floral Round Neck Midi Tea Dress by NOBODY’S CHILD (number 16). And thank goodness I say! I love this look paired back with a brogue shoe or spectator shoe as it is the perfect juxtaposed look that I mentioned earlier. I always remember that on the chillier days, you can always pop a turtle-neck woollen sweater and some black tights underneath to warm this look up a bit.


This is not new, but it is still beautiful. There is a very wearable-art component to a high volume piece with specific reference here to a big puffy sleeve as here in the M&S COLLECTION Jersey Ribbed Round Neck Regular Fit Top (number 10), and a gathered waist such as here as with the NOBODY’S CHILD Textured V-Neck Midi Relaxed Smock Dress (number 4). This creates a voluminous feminine skirt silhouette. Little details to keep an eye out for this season are little drawstring ties that are being work just left dangling.

Monochrome Staples

This is a trend that I have to say I am almost unable to live without. Especially for those of you who still have to go into the office or have frequent video call catch-ups that you have to look put together for, but want to remain lowkey and comfortable. In this list I would put this M&S COLLECTION Pure Merino Wool Roll Neck Jumper (number 3), the Hobbs Striped Pleated Midi Waisted Dress (number 7) which is stretchy and flowing making it perfect for a busy day.

1920s – 1940s Revival

For me, this trend is the one that is calling me like the siren’s song into obedience. I cannot express how much I love this trend and my only lament is that this too, as with all things, shall pass. However, while it is here, let me point out the pieces on this list that are my absolute favourites. The stunningly beautiful ALBARAY Ditsy Floral Ruffle Midaxi Drop Waist Dress (number 8). I love his silhouette with the drop waist, it is literally so beautiful I am tempted to just wear this dress around the house so I feel pretty. The same goes for the Polka Dot Midi Waisted Dress by FINERY LONDON (number 13). This piece has a more 1940s vibe than the previous piece which is more 1920s inspired. As are both the pieces by GHOST, the V-Neck Button Front Midi Swing Dress (number 18) and the Satin V-Neck Midi Waisted Dress Long Sleeve (number 2) in rust. I love the second the most even though the colour of the shorter sleeve version would probably suit me better.

Green Rust and Blue

So the obsession that I think we all have with green this season appears to be unlimited. As I have previously attested to on my Instagram, I am impatiently waiting to have all the painting work done in the house so I can order the Swyft Number 3 in vine for my little living room. But until such time, I am going to have to satisfy my green craving with this trans-seasonal M&S COLLECTION Relaxed Collared Longline Car Coat.

My Favourites for Spring Summer 2023 from Marks and Spencer

That is a wrap on my picks of the pack for this season from Marks and Spencer, however, the conversation isn’t quite over. I was delighted to hear in the news not so long ago that the company Marks and Spencer are actually predicted to surpass competitor John Lewis in sales this year after having been dubbed to have ‘won back the middle class’ in the UK. This headline actually got me thinking about the last time I took a detailed look at Marks and Spencer as an investment opportunity.

Check here for a closer look at the Marks and Spencer Group plc (MKS.L) Stock price.

As some of you may know, I spent the first few years since moving to the UK working in the trading and investment industry, so, when I see a company hitting highs on the high street, one of my first thought’s is regarding it’s stock price. Thus, when I have personally seen the huge changes that have taken place at M&S over the last few years I had to wonder to myself if it is the right time to buy their stock. Afterall, as a shareholder of the company, whatever I spend on my wardrobe there will come back to me as a dividend payment – so it is kind of a win win financially and fashionably.

I am going to do a full article on that to follow this so keep your eyes peeled, as my mum would say.

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