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Trendy and Discrete Micro Tattoos for Over 40s

Tattoos For Over 40s

Trendy and Discrete Tattoos for Over 40s

Lets be honest, tattoos are cool. Especially these adorable, tiny little Micro Tattoos for Over 40s. Notwithstanding, I was raised in a house that staunchly discouraged such markings as being gauche and low class. That being said, I was once on the verge of getting a tattoo when I was going through my wild phase. Yes, (sigh) that period when I disappeared to live in Spain for a gap-summer and ended up staying there for a few years as an illegal immigrant. But even then, I still couldn’t bring myself to commit to it.

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I suppose that I always harboured the idea that it may in some small way end up being a regrettable mistake as, let’s face it, so many tattoos are.

However, now as a successful self made entrepreneur at 40, I do find mysrlf thinking why not?

Now though, instead of being a question of short-sightedness, it is now a question of appropriateness. I can’t really t see myself with a large colourful tattoo wending its way up my arm or leg – but I do have the FOMO for this, now commonplace, permanent form of art and self expression.

So my solution for this is to have a micro tattoo. I find these so feminine, tasteful and dare I say – elegant – that they are completely private and inconspicuous that they very age appropriate and above all – personal.

Afterall, if there is one thing that I have learned thus far, it is that I am not getting it for someone else, this is just for me.

My Favourite Discrete Micro Tattoos for Over 40s

Beautiful and Discrete Micro Tattoos for Over 40s

I actually love every single tattoo on this list. They are so tiny and pretty and personal. I am especially fond of the diving woman and would actually proffer the idea of getting a little series of ‘water’ based micro tattoos if you are a ocean baby. This one is probably the biggest one on this list of Micro Tattoos for Over 40s but it was just so artistic I had to include it. I think it would pair perfectly with the little wave on the wrist as well – super surfer chick.

Having said that, another favourite of mine is the behind the ear feather tattoo. I think this was probably one of the first tattoos that I came across many years ago when I was incrementally gathering a Pinterest board on the tattoo inspiration. Honestly, this list is a very small snapshot of some of the lovely works of art on that board, which includes some beautiful designs. I initially chose the feather because it reminded me of a shamanic feather and felt like a strong connector to the ancestors – a subject which I love.

Other favourites of mine on this list of Micro Tattoos for Over 40s is the variety of dot and line tattoos. I actually saw a dot tattoo done as an eyeliner on a lady and it looked beautiful. It was not done to be intended to look like permanent make-up, it was specifically done to look like a tattoo, but it could also be used as an eyeliner guide and hence be covered up very easily if desired.

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My Final Word on Micro Tattoos for Over 40s

I think the most important take away from this list of Micro Tattoos for Over 40s is – do it for you. If you are 40-ish, as I am, then I hope you have come to a point in your life when you are able to say this is my show now, end of conversation. Which means, if you want to get a tattoo that is personal and special to you then do it!

My only word of advice on the matter is to do your research on the tattoo artist so that you ensure that you are getting an artist who can make your vision a reality. Afterall, few of us these days just pop down to the local hairdresser for a cut anymore. We all get on social media and google and look around for the salon that seems to be the most suited for us. Do the same with a tattoo artist.

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