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Support Dame Deborah James: Where to Buy Rebellious Hope T Shirt

Dame Deborah James Where To Buy Rebellious Hope T SHirt

Most of the the UK and huge swaths of the rest of the world this morning are looking where to buy Rebellious Hope T Shirt and show their support for the late Dame Deborah James. 

Dame Deborah Anne James DBE (1 October 1981 – 28 June 2022) was an English journalist, educator, podcast host and charity campaigner from London. In 2016, she was diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer and went on to host the You, Me and the Big C podcast on BBC Radio 5 about her struggles with her illness.

Where to Buy Rebellious Hope T Shirt

    If you are anything like me then this morning you woke up to the heart-breaking news that Dame Deborah James (1981 – 2022) had sadly passed away last night and wondering where to buy Rebellious Hope T Shirt. Deborah is known for many things but not least her struggle against Bowel Cancer which she brought into the public’s focus through her indefatigable work in building awareness on instagram under the handle @bowelbabe and her charitable organisation the Bowelbabe Fund.

    Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK, raising money to fund clinical trials and research into personalised medicine for cancer patients & supporting campaigns to raise awareness of bowel cancer. ​

    Who Was Dame Deborah James?

    Debs as she is known to her friends didn’t set out on a path of fame and notoriety. In fact, if you had told her that she was going to be recognised as a Dame of the British Empire when she was younger she probably wouldn’t have believed you. But one thing in her life changed all that.

    Five (5) years ago, Deborah was diagnosed with bowel cancer and since then, she was set on a course of meteoric success but lamentably, not for reasons that she welcomed. As a result of her effervescent personality and immense bravery Deborah made the courageous choice to document her struggle against what she called, the big C through a variety of platforms which culminated with her working as a columnist for The Sun Newspaper as well as hosting the You, Me and the Big C podcast on the BBC.

    It was a far cry from the life that the former deputy head teacher thought that she would be living with her husband and two children but she was tireless in her motivation to spread the word of her experience and in doing so potentially help to save the life of another person who could seek help and treatment sooner than she did. Another exceptional part of her work was to throw a lifeline to those who are living with Cancer of any description and provide them with happiness, joy and rebellious hope.

    “We all need to find the light in that rebellious hope, to keep the flame burning in our darkest hours.”

    Dame Deborah James 
    (1981 – 2022)

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    What Does Rebellious Hope Mean?

    Deborah herself best answered this question when she said that ‘Rebellious hope’ is a phrase that that is “most certainly how I’ve lived my life”. She went on to say that “We all need to find the light in that rebellious hope, to keep the flame burning in our darkest hours.”

    This beautiful definition is so touching to so many people because of its universal impact on all of us. At different times in our lives all of us have experienced the bleakness of certain situations that seem insurmountable. But what Deborah teaches us is that not matter what the situation there is room for laughter, dancing and a little bit of silliness in any situation that we face. She also taught us that we a not alone.

    Support Deborah James and find where to buy rebellious hope t shirt as well as donate to her fund bowelbabe.

    Where Can I Buy the Rebellious Hope T Shirt

    The Rebellious Hope T- Shirt was originally sold via In The Style as a limited edition offer with 100% of the profits going to support the Bowelbabe Fund. Since the immense support for this charity through the tireless work of Deborah the charity has at the time of writing raised almost £7,000,000.00!

    Other Ways To Support Dame Deborah James

    In addition to Deborah’s unparalleled work to build awareness and provide support for other people whose lives have been touched by the big C, Deborah has written several books that both document her fight against cancer as well as provide insight about how we ought to be living our lives from someone who knew that theirs would not be long.

    The most touching of these is probably her recently published How to Live When You Could be Dead which is currently available for pre-order and is due for release on 18 Aug. 2022.

    I’m alive when I should be dead. In another movie, I missed the sliding door and departed this wondrous life long ago. Like so many others, I’ve had to learn to live not knowing if I have a tomorrow, because, statistically, I shouldn’t have. At the age of 35, I was blindsided by incurable bowel cancer – I was given a less than 8% chance of surviving five years. More than five years later, my only option is to live in the now and to value one day at a time.

    How To LIve When you Could Be Dead – Dame Deborah James

    In addition to these works by Deborah, you can also support her by donating directly to the charity she established, the Bowelbabe Fund.

    Let’s Remember Dame Deborah James and Her Legacy

    More than buying T Shirts or reading books, I think that the single most important way that we can support Deborah is to take her advice. In a heartwarming post shared on her instagram account after her passing she shared her hope for humanity through her final words to the world. Short, simple and touching she said: “find a life worth enjoying; take risks; love deeply; have no regrets; and always, always have rebellious hope. And finally, check your poo – it could just save your life.” x

    In loving memory of a beautiful, brave and exceptional woman. May you smile radiate through the hearts of all of us and your wise words be whispered in our ears as your inspiration continues to change the world into a place full of people who aspire to be more like you. Rest in Peace.

    Find a life worth enjoying; take risks; love deeply; have no regrets; and always, always have rebellious hope.

    Dame Deborah James  
    (1981 – 2022)

    Lastly, if you or anyone you know are struggling with, or are concerned about, cancer, please contact your GP immediately and insist on a thorough check up, review this NHS info page on Cancer, or directly contact Local cancer support services, Specialist cancer hospitals, Cancer support services for women.

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