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Fuchsia Leather Sofa

Fuchsia Leather Sofa Short Story
Packing up day, getting clothes out of the chest in the bedroom, the Italian man is here, saying thank-you's and well wishes. Submissive, but not transparent. 
Maybe in English something is lost. 
We all go outside. 
Things undone. 
Our goodbye embrace is rigid and reserved. 
Somehow, I am invited to see the furniture. 
A shop a few doors down. 
He and I go alone. 
Once we enter, the door is closed. 
Beautiful splendour. 
Colourful sofas fill entrance of the room. 
Fuchsia and lilac. 
Very Italian, I think. 
Unsurpassable craftsmanship.  
We walk and discuss, politely but energetically. 
Inspired to talk. 
He walks, sits on a soft leather armchair in the back corner of the warehouse. 
Just sits. 
I am emboldened. 
I walk to where he is. 
Stand in front of him. 
I bend over. 
Kiss him. 
Out of synch. 
I persist. 
He engages. 
I melt onto his lap. 
No talking. 
Just kissing. 
Cross a threshold. 
Passionate now. 
Biting my neck. 
Hands rubbing. 
I pray he touches me. 
He is tentative. 
Our eyes meet. 
He rubs me. 
I am addicted. 
Fingers thrust. 
I'm lost. 
Deep and strong. 
The delight. 
Don't stop. 
Is this love? 
It deepens, the feeling. 
Bound forever. 
The door creaks. 
Husband enters. 
Doesn't see. 
Doesn't compute. 
We stay motionless. 
Liberty at last. 
His realisation. 
Seeing with his eyes. 
Seeing with his heart. 
He stares. 
Clarity and confusion. 
Speechless, he turns and leaves. 
Finally, speech. 
How to explain a life of unhappiness in a sentence? 
Don't worry. 
Free at last. 
The door is closed. 
We are standing, half naked. 
Push the worry away. 
Pull him close. 
Push me against the door. 
Thank you. 
No going back now.    

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