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In the Service of Two Kings

Knight Armor
1. In the Service of Two Kings
In the service of two kings,
I fight bravely in two wars, 
I swing my blade, 
From atop my horse, 
And cut men down and enforce, 

The simple men,
who have a side,
which, perhaps if they knew as well, 
the truth behind the battle, 
is that no real quarrel fell,  

but a plan of humorous grandeur, 
the absent cowards play, 
for which men, such as us, 
are those who invariably pay. 
Jessie Louise Griffiths

Hi, I'm Jessie Louise. I foundered Donc Voilà Quoi while living in Tours, France in 2015 when I fell in love with the phrase. I have a longstanding love of language. When I'm not talking or writing, you'll find me out and about in nature, watching a classic whodunit or cooking up a storm with my boys. For enquiries, please email me on

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