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Trend Alert: The Deconstructed Mirror

Trend Alert: Deconstructed Mirror Venus Full Length Wave Mirror 180 X 100 Cm, Sage Green

My Favourite Deconstructed Mirrors

I have been seeing these addictively unique Deconstructed Mirrors popping up on my Instagram feed in typical ‘oh I was just standing like this in front of all this beautiful stuff and I didn’t even realise the camera was there’ it girl style.

They seem to have proven themselves to be a staple in the next direction of interior design after the much coveted mushroom lamp and female form booty vase that adorns any aspiring Influencer’s background.

Check out my selections below to bag some influencer chic for yourself.

Abu Dhabi Ovoid Deconstructed Mirrors in Gilded Metal and Gold Leaf 70 x 100 cm

This group of Deconstructed Mirrors is by Maison du Monde and is a great option to hang above a hall table or a console table in a common area, especially if you have a modern home.

Metal Large Curved Hanging Wall Mirror 80 x 50 cm

If there is a trend to be had, you better be sure that Marks and Spencer will be onto it. This Deconstructed Mirror is the wall hanging version which they also have available in a floor standing mirror option as well. It is a much smaller option and would be the perfect addition to a home office, or my preference would be as part of a picture wall to add points of interest. I tend to do this with plates and wall hangings that aren’t framed works so that the eye can focus on something three dimensional among all the images.

Asymmetric Deconstructed Wall Mirror – Black – 60 x 59 cm

I love this Deconstructed Mirror option for a bathroom of if you are looking to jump on the trend without breaking the bank. This item is by Habitat from Argos and I am huge fan of looking for items on their catalogue. They are pretty quick to come up with wallet friendly options that capitalise on a trend but for a reasonable price.

Venus Full Length Deconstructed Wave Mirror 180 x 100 cm, Sage Green

This is my by far and away favourite for my personal taste and needs right now. I am dying to have a Deconstructed Mirror especially a full length option. In addition, as I am currently doing up the house I recently bought I have a few areas that use Sage green, making this colour and size combination my pick. I found this one at

Do You Like Deconstructed Mirrors Too?

Get yourself some it girl influencer chic with these Deconstructed Mirrors to jazz up the your selfies. I am almost certainty going to get this beautiful full length sage green Venus mirror from Daals as an addition to the bedroom or landing area so I can show you all the epic outfits I am coming up with at the moment.

Do you love them too? Let me know in the comments.

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