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Why I decided to do the Marina De Giovanni 27 Steps Coaching Program

Marina De Giovanni 27 Steps Coaching Program

Follow me as I embark on a journey to learn from super-star marketer in the Marina De Giovanni 27 Steps Coaching Program. For more articles from my Influencer Diaries series.

Who is Marina De Giovanni?

Anyone who has been in the social media space for a while will probably know the name Marina De Giovanni. She started the renowned Not A Model brand where she documented her evolution from everyday Aussie girl working in a media role to branching out and becoming a blogger and influencer.

It was from there that she really found traction as a marketing specialist. People were clambered to learn how this everyday girl who was clearly not a model, as she had branded herself, had managed to rise to the lofty heights of social media stardom.

This notoriety ultimately culminated with a high ticket course that had a loyal fan base of would be marketers and influencers. At one point the coaching course was priced at over $9K which is telling.

But then something unprecedented happened. She completely shut herself down. Yeah, like cancelled herself and her whole operation. It isn’t completely what the catalyst was for her to do this however, on he Instagram she released a statement that she had lost her love for what her business had turned into.

Why I decided to do the Marina De Giovanni 27 Steps Coaching Program

To be honest, I am not even too sure what is going to be involved in undertaking the 27 steps program but the post that I saw on Instagram outlined that she is offering a heavily discounted offer for people to join her and be privy to the behind the scenes insights as she builds her new brand, She Serves, from the ground up.

The thing is, I am genuinely interested in undertaking this course mainly because I can say that she is definitely an incredibly skilled online marketer. Even the way that she provided the offer to the 27 Steps Coaching Program was genius. It had a very short time limit on it, as in it was starting the next day – so there was a strong sense of immediacy for the purchaser. Secondly, she is offering it at a ridiculously low amount of money, just $1.00 a day for the once-daily 27 Steps ($27.00). But these two gimmicks aside the key reason that I was hooked was simply that she has such credibility in the industry and at what she does.

Honestly, who cannot say that they would love to run an online business if the path could be outlined for you by someone who had done it to an incredibly high level previously, and was letting you sit courtside while she does it again? And on that note, I am very sure that she will do it again.

Let’s get one thing straight, this girl is no mug. She has taken an average persona with no extra-special qualities and turned it into a marketing mega-success in the past, and I am very sure that she has done her homework with regard to the next niche that she is targeting. Don’t get me wrong, I am also sure that she genuinely believe that she believes in the soul led area that she is no focusing on, but it is also going to be on that will definitely see huge growth potential.

Why I decided to do the Marina De Giovanni 27 Steps Coaching Program
Marina De Giovanni as a blogger and influencer

So what is the 27 Steps Coaching Program?

From the landing page that accompanied the Instagram ad for the 27 Steps Coaching Program outlined that the program is “a phenomenal learning experience where you get a unique “behind the scenes” step-by-step breakdown of what I’m doing to build a powerhouse brand, a following, and get customers… beginning with nothing!

You will have the rare opportunity of following me step-by-step as I build my new brand “She Serves”… FROM SCRATCH.

Which means, you’re literally going to “Listen in” as I choose a product idea, go into a niche where nobody knows me, and start getting customers from ZERO.”

She goes on to say that she’ll explain everything from the mindset and system that she uses, to the nitty-gritty details like web pages and social media bios. She closes by saying that what you’ll receive in these 27 Steps is something you can never UN-LEARN. The skills and wisdom that will be in your possession after 27 days CANNOT be taken away from you. You will have this knowledge forever.

Conclusion: Marina De Giovanni 27 Steps Coaching Program

So all in all, the sales pitch is solid, and it only serves as a testament to her skill as a marketer that I am being drawn into doing this course. I previously worked in sales for several years and experiences like that really tend to hone your skills when it comes to sales resistance, knowing when you are being had and how to identify where a client sees value, even when it’s razzle-dazzle.

But the most overarching reason that I decided to go ahead with it is that I genuinely believe that I can learn a lot from Marina De Giovanni and as someone who is currently running an online business and a blog I would love to know anything that I don’t know and I really believe that for an investment of $27 and 27 days, it is totally worth the risk.

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