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Monikh Dale’s Fashion Style Breakdown

Monikh Dale's Fashion Style

Monikh Dale’s Fashion Style has amassed a cult -like following. She seems to effortlessly embody a timeless-chic that is part Nordic vibes, part BoHo and part Vintage. As anyone who has been following her for a while would know, this approach to design also spills over to her Interior Design style too.

Favouring a neutral colour palate with mostly citrus accents, Monikh is also a huge fan of a variety of textures, which is very Scandinavian huggee inspired. It also means that pieces cross over with each other very well, depending on the occasion and the mood you are in.

There is a definite a preference in Monikh Dale’s Fashion Style for her to look polished but also to feel comfortable. You will note that she almost always defaults to a flat open toe shoe or boot and prefers flowy fabrics, and oversized items or wide leg cuts.

Accessories wise, Monikh tends to be very economical and deliberate with her pairings. She continues to maintain her minimalist approach, adding only statement-type pieces; such as a pair of large bangles or gold hoops with an oversized bag.

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    Why I Love Monikh Dale’s Fashion Style

    Personally I can’t get enough of scrolling through Monikh’s feed. She seems to dish out understated versions of old time elegance in everything that she does. Weather it be in her colour choices, photography style or approach to modern femininity, she has developed such a unique, style that is perfectly suited to her body type and skin tone. There really is not another fashionista quite like the Londoner.

    While I love that her style is uniquely her own, I also love to get inspiration from how she pairs items over the changing seasons and adapt them for my own personal approach to fashion and lifestyle. It is also super inspiring to see a young woman out there doing things in a really different way to the masses (no T&A shots here thanks ladies). It serves as a fantastic motivator to one’s own approach to design and dressing in a modern world that tragically seems to lack sophistication and elegance in its idols.

    Maxi Dresses

    The first thing you’ll notice when you start thinking about Monikh Dale’s fashion style is that she is a big fan of dresses. And we get it, they are literally the perfect cover-all fashion item for your wardrobe. Firstly, they can be relaxed and comfortable as well as looking like you are in an outfit. Secondly, you can dress them up with bold accessories or a blazer, or dress them down with a pair of flats and barely there make-up.

    Textured Bags

    As I mentioned above, Monikh loves neutral colours with favour for the textures of natural woven materials. By doing this, especially in accessories she staves off the potential for these being dull by adding a point of interest to them, while keeping them within her Scandinavian colour palate.

    Comfy Knits

    When Monikh isn’t wearing a billowing maxi-dress, she will most likely be pairing a pair of wide leg trousers or a maxi skirt with a oversized knit. After all, living in London doesn’t always lend itself to waring a summer-style dress. Notwithstanding, however, Monikh will usually pair these with an open toe shoe no matter the weather!

    Jump Suits

    Monikh Dale’s Fashion Style has a self proclaimed love of jumpsuits. Not necessarily the domain of all of us, she seems to wear them with a distinctive effortless style. Either with her flowing locks left out or tied up in a bun, she always seems to pull off a one piece. Again with the tones kept neutral and the accessories understated and deliberate, it seems to be one of her easy fashion go-tos for the days that you just need to get out and go, but also look put together.

    Open-Toe Shoes

    When I think back to Monikh Dale’s Fashion Style I struggle to remember many occasions when she was sporting anything other than an open toed shoe. Perhaps only when the extremity freezing January and February does she then opt for a simple black chunky sole boot to see her through.

    Jackets and Blazers

    Last but most definitely not least in thie Monikh Dale’s Fashion Style breakdown is the necessity for a enviable range of coats, jackets and blazers. She is quite literally the reining coat queen around her, don’t you know?! Pairing a blazer over a maxi-dress and defaulting to beautifully cut oversized two-piece suits, the jacket appears time and time again in Monikh’s wardrobe. As always, they are kept to mostly neutral and earthy tones with the occasional fleck of citrus accents.

    For more on Monikh Dale’s Fashion Style, check out her Amazon page for more of her picks.

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