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My 8 Favourite Artists on Etsy

8 Artists on Etsy That I Love

Two things I have been a big fan of for a long time are Art and Etsy. So, naturally, when I put them together it is a match made in heaven.

One thing I have discovered over my long time love of Etsy is that it is a phenomenal platform to discover creators that you might never have come across otherwise. Afterall, so many people are amazing artists but they are necessarily skilled at promotion and marketing themselves.

That’s why I thought it would be an amazing idea to recommend a few of the artists who I personally love for their originality and style and just because their work possesses that certain je ne sais pas that makes them stand out from the crowd.

8 Artists on Etsy That I Love

    Lets get into the 8 Artists on Etsy That I (absolutely) Love!

    Artists on Etsy, Georgia Leventi, Cardiff, Wales

    Georgia Leventi, Cardiff, Wales

    The first of my favourite Artists on Etsy is Georgia Leventi who creates original abstract and Landscape art in Cardiff, Wales. Originally hailing from Greece she is now based in UK. She says that her paintings are inspired by the vibrant colours of nature and her love for light.

    Of this work Georgia says:

    This painting was created to make me travel to my old good summers in Greece, and is a happy vibe painting, which creates a space for relaxing afternoons and daydreaming

    Georgia Leventi

    Personally, I love this little painting for a variety of reasons but first of them is the adorable size. I originally came across miniature paintings when I was living in the Cotswolds as the village we lived in was filled to the brim with tea houses and art galleries. Literally half the main street was taken up with them. The other half was an even mixture of estate agents, clarity shops and antique dealers.

    It was there that I first walked past a window that was full of little miniature landscapes and they were so adorable I was enchanted. Of course I inquired as to their price and they came with a pretty hefty price tag so I had to leave them, but on that day, my love of a miniature landscape was born.

    The paintings by Georgia are standard 12 x 12 inches (about 30 x 30 cm) and have the option to come with the gold frame which I would highly recommend.

    Artists on Etsy, The Inky Bee, Manchester, England

    The Inky Bee, Manchester, England

    The next of my favourite Artists on Etsy is the lino prints and cards by The Inky Bee. This piece is called the ‘moonlight dip’ and is in a delicious inky-blue. The original lino print was in 2021 and the inspiration was on natural beauty. Each of the prints are original and are created from the carved soft cut lino.

    Due to the nature of hand-printing, it can result in mis-prints which are small imperfections in the printing, however, some people (me included) think this adds to their charm! Usually, these are perfect prints except for a small spot on ink elsewhere on the page which results from each piece being unique.

    The works are unframed and are printed onto 140gsm recycled paper (made from old coffee cups!). Each print comes titled, dated and signed and in packaged nicely in a hard-backed envelope. The print itself measures approx. 18.7cm by 13cm and is printed on A4 paper.

    I love this for a variety of reasons. Partly because of the amazingly deep blue colour, partly due to the composition and partly due to the knowledge that each piece is unique.

    Artists on Etsy, Amelia Coward, Whitstable, England

    Amelia Coward, Whitstable, England

    The third of my favourite Artists on Etsy is Amelia Coward from Whitstable in England. These beautifully unique works are such a refreshing pleasure to see. The detail of the works is amazing to see. They are made from carefully collected and arranged pieces of vintage map, charts and atlas.

    The process of creating the maps is that they are hand bonded onto wood then laser cut into 100’s of dots. Amelia then spends time sorting and arranging them to create the rainbow ombre. The dots are then assembled by colour gradient and fixed on in this composition.

    The piece comes ready framed (55cm x 55cm Framed) in a white box frame as in the image with a museum quality UV perspex glaze to protect the artwork from fade.

    I love this work because it is something that would be universally appropriate for everyone and thus make it a superb gift or treat-yourself moment. Due to the colourful nature of the maps, it is easy to place them in most modern decors and would give a fresh lift to any room. They are also a inspiring new take on the old map love that we all seem to have as they aren’t the same old run of the mill thing.

    Artists on Etsy, Monneeshka, London, England

    Monneeshka, London, England

    The following artist of my favourite Artists on Etsy is the London based Monica Koch. Her monochromatic and muted colour palates are so beguiling and this piece, ‘Girl with Gold Earrings’ on grey ochre. There is something about her adverted gaze and slightly suspicious expression that keeps me intrigued.

    I am such a sucker for a female portrait I really don’t know why. I bought my first female head and shoulders portrait from a small art gallery in Seville, Spain (I’ll upload a pic of it to my Instagram for you to see). Since then I have always had an inclination towards a quirky little portraits.

    These original artworks are mixed media ink and acrylic on khadi A3 paper, however, Monneeshka is happy to do bespoke sizes.

    I actually think that these would go perfectly with the other portrait listed below.

    Check out ‘Girl with Gold Earrings’ on Etsy here.

    Artists on Etsy, Dark Strokes Art, London, England

    Dark Strokes Art, London, England

    The fifth of my favourite Artists on Etsy is Julia B Cadau from Dark Strokes Art based in Camden Town in North London. If I was friends with Bailey Sarian, which I am not, but if I was, this would be the gift that I would get her just for being awesome self.

    These mysteriously dark original artworks are print illustrations inspired by insomnia and Julia’s interpretation of sleep as a small death. Her work would make a great gift idea for gothic fans (like Bailey!). A lot of her work has a occult film noire feel mixed with a modern twist on vintage punk.

    I love the juxtaposition of the The sweetness of the womans embrace and childlike red bow played off against the macarbe stilness of the skeleton who despite (one presumes) being dead, has scooched over just enough for her to have some space in the coffin too. The overall scene then being engulfed by the dark stary night adds a dreamlike quality which feels somehow comforting despite the obvious death-y-ness of it all.

    Check out this gothic inspired sleep original art here on Etsy.

    Artists on Etsy, Keena Art from London, UK.

    Keena Art, London, England

    The next of my favourite Artists on Etsy is Keena Art from London, UK.

    This piece is one of 150 limited edition productions of Giclée abstract art print, created from original artwork. The original is painted in a mixed media style using acrylic, alcohol marker, and oil pastel. Due to the limited issue of the works it is perfect as a collector’s piece. Each work comes hand signed & numbered on both front and back to prove authenticity and provenance.

    I love the works by this lovely artist as she produces a cacophony of visuals in bright and sunny colours. It feels part street art graffiti and part indistinguishable object, but the overall effect is one of happiness and joy. I think this would be perfect for the post-modern lover who just cant live without a pop of colour in their day, or the street art aficionado.

    Check out this limited edition print here on Etsy.

    Artists on Etsy is Kelly from the Oh So Daisy Shop

    Oh So Daisy Shop, Reigate, England

    The penultimate of my favourite Artists on Etsy is Kelly from the Oh So Daisy Shop from the Surry Hills located south of London. The Oh So Daisy Shop isn’t just limited to art, it is actually a whole design movement. Inspired by nature, botanicals, birds and tropical prints all created in a modern take on retro vintage vibes. The prints are usually also available as gift-wrapping paper as well as wall art.

    Botanicals are never far from my mind and the composition of this piece reminds be a lot of the pieces of an artist friend of mine. Louisa Roirden Art – alas she is not on Etsy!) It is eclectic and personal but still maintains a simple and cleanness. Uncomplicated colour palates mean that they can go perfectly in the plant lovers home or in an outdoor-in type space.

    Check out Boho Bud Antique Vases here on Etsy.

    Favourite Artists on Etsy , Margo Mc Daid Art, Ramsgate, England

    Margo Mc Daid Art, Ramsgate, England

    The last of my favourite Artists on Etsy (but very much not least) is this beautiful portrait piece by Margo Mc Daid.

    Margo Mc Daid is a lovely artist and has a passion for drawing. In 2010, she started a project which was to draw a picture a day and to upload to her Instagram account. Now, many years later, she is still working as a full time artist from her home in Ramsgate in Kent. In addition to selling on Etsy, Margo also sells her physical works in The Turner Contemporary art gallery in Margate from 6th August 2019 – 8th September 2019.

    I have gushed over Margo’s work for some time now and have been impatiently waiting to get this exact piece for my office. There is a serenity and sophistication to her art, that is both curious and beautiful at once. Her colour choices are also soft and feminine which fit perfectly with her muses, the girls.

    Check out Girl in Gold Hoops Print here in Etsy.

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