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Is Cacao Healthier Than Coffee?

Is Cacao Healthier Than Coffee?

Let’s explore, Is Cacao Healthier Than Coffee? 

If you think about how soothing a warm cup of homemade cocoa is, versus, the beboppin’ and scattin’ buzz that a cup of potent coffee gives you – you already get the difference between drinking cacao and coffee.

Coffee consumption has become a given in the daily routine of the busy overworked and overstressed modern life. The daily cup of Joe is literally the only thing that gets many people out of bed in the morning, so it is interesting to consider that it might actually be making you more stressed and more tired. 

Consider for a moment that you could wake up to consume something that not only tastes delicious, but also fills you with nutritious nourishment and avoids many of the negatives of coffee consumption such as the jitters or a coffee crash. Let’s take a closer look at Cacao. 

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Is Cacao Healthier Than Coffee?

    What Exactly is Cacao?

    Similar to the better-known Cocoa, Cacao is a byproduct of processed beans from the seed vast pods of the Cacao plant. However, Cacao beans aren’t roasted, as with Cocoa, but are fermented and milled into power under low heat, a process which retains a far greater amount of the medicinal properties of the plant.

    Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus,  applied the name cacao in the 18th which was adopted from the Spanish name for the tree. Theobroma cacao is the scientific name and the word Theobroma is derived from ancient Greek meaning ‘food of the gods’.

    Research shows that the cacao tree, which gives rise to the cacao powder, originates from Southern America in the region of Amazon which includes some sections of Columbia, Peru, and Ecuador. It is believed that cacao was popularly adopted into some cultures as a food, which enormously boosted their immune system.

    The fermentation process that cacao undergoes without roasting helps the powder not to lose quality nutritional content. It is a good source of fibre that gives energy and enhances moods. 

    Though it may be difficult for those die hard coffee drinkers to replace their morning go-to brew to cacao, this article explored the health risks associated with the intake of coffee and how cacao can be a healthier option.

    What are the Health Benefits of Cacao?

    Cacao powder enhances and boosts the function of the human body and improves the immune system. Since its discovery, people have found it hard to believe that the cacao powder can bring such improvement into the human body. Its improvements have not gone unnoticed as it exerts its effect on cells, tissue, organ, and system of the body. This will lead us to the health benefits of cacao:

    Cacao Is Rich in Nutrients

    Cacao powder has all the nutrients you need for your day to day work. It contains nutritional contents like magnesium which help to perform the crucial biological process in man. Other nutrients like copper, iron, zinc, and manganese help the body system to function adequately.

    Cacao Helps You Stay Alert Without Crashing

    The cacao has bulky content that serves as a stimulant. This gentle stimulant is known as the Theobromine. It is a compound that stimulates the adrenal process which leads to euphoria, satisfaction and also enhances your energy to do work. The consumption of cacao will help you live above anxiety.

    Additionally, the presence of magnesium in the cacao drinks maintains the level of energy needed for the day to day endeavour. Generally, this helps to fight against fatigue, muscle spasm, weakness of the body, and all forms of digestive problems.

    Cacao Boosts Mood

    The sip of cacao drinks stimulates the neurotransmitters and amino acids which includes monoamine oxidase and enzyme inhibitors. There is also a free circulation of serotonin, phenylethylamine, and other neurotransmitters present in the brain. The same reaction that occurs when someone falls in love with someone or something happens almost immediately when you take a sip of the cacao drink.

    This feeling helps to increase cerebral blood flow which carries endorphins and oxygen to the brain. The cacao drink is a perfect replacement for antidepressant drugs.

    What Are The Health Concerns of Coffee

    The intake of coffee exerts its effects on the body, the same way the cacao drink exerts its effects, just that the effects of coffee pop up in some negative ways. I know you don’t want to miss or replace your morning coffee routine with anything. The following will explain some reasons why you should consider replacing your coffee with the cacao drink.

    The Intake of Coffee Induces Stress

    A sip of coffee stimulates the release of cortisol which is a stress hormone capable of causing inflammation and ageing skin. This all happens because of the high quantity of caffeine present in coffee.

    The Intake Caffeine Inhibit Sleep

    The consumption of coffee causes insomnia in persons who take it because the active substance in coffee is caffeine and it inhibits sleep. This leads to distress and fear induced by lack of sleep which will affect your daily productivity.

    Other Health Disorder Caused by Coffee:

    • Type II Diabetes.
    • Parkinson’s Diseases.
    • Liver related diseases like Cancer.
    • Cardiovascular diseases like stroke.
    • The intake of coffee by children increases their chances of bed-wetting.

    What Are the Differences Between Cacao and Other Cocoa Powder

    Cacao powder is made from fermented cacao beans. They are processed at low temperatures and then milled into a powder. Though the end product is bitter they are highly nutritious. These are cacao beans that are yet to be roasted but fermented. Simply, put no additional sweetening agent.

    Cacao is the raw material used in the production of chocolate and cocoa. Hence, it can be said that cocoa and chocolate are the by-products of cacao with the addition of other ingredients like milk, sugar, and other forms of sweeteners. These make the consumption of those byproducts enjoyable but are destructive to human health.

    Can I Use Cacao Instead of Coffee?

    Definitely! I have been drinking Cacao in place of coffee for over a year and I literally don’t miss the coffee at all. I can personally vouch that drinking Cacao is far more healthier than drinking coffee. I do occasionally enjoy a freshly made espresso-machine coffee, or long black if the mood strikes me, but I am no longer trudging directly to the coffee machine every morning for my daily fix to get me going in the morning.

    My Best Cacao Recipe:

    • 1/2 tbsp Raw Cacao Powder
    • 1/2 tbsp Cocoa Powder
    • 1/2 Cinnamon Stick
    • 1 tsp Vanilla Paste
    • 1 tsp Truvia Sweetener
    • 350 mls of Oat or Soy Milk
    • 50 mls water
    • Method: Put all the dry ingredients in a milk pan or saucepan together with the water and heat until they are all dissolved, Then add the milk and warm to your preferred temperature.

    I love this recipe. It is literally delicious morning or evening and if you like a little nightcap to help you sleep, it is also lovely with a dash of brandy in it, especially on a cold winter’s night!

    For a little extra luxury be sure you use a beautiful handmade ceramic, wooden or iron cup to enhance the experience. 

    Should I Swap Drinking Cacao for Coffee?

    Why not give it a try and see if you like it? Researchers have reviewed that integrating cacao into your diet helps not only to lighten the mood and enhance the level of your alertness but it generally improves your health.

    It’s not the factor of its nutritional contents such as calcium, manganese, potassium, copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, et cetera. Thus, with those contents, cacao plays a major role to help protect nerve cells from damage, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure. With the help of its antioxidant contents, the use of cacao neutralises toxins and free radicals which can cause cancer.

    Considering the health benefits of cacao compared to coffee and other related beverages, it is wise to replace your morning coffee routine with a hot cup of cacao. With that, your health and work turn out well.

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