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PowerThoughts Meditation Club changed my life, and it can change yours too 

PowerThoughts Meditation Club

PowerThoughts Meditation Club changed me, and I am forever grateful.

It is not an exaggeration to say that PowerThoughts Meditation Club changed my life. I first discovered the recordings in 2017, while I was going through a particularly difficult time in my family life. I had two children under two years old, and their dad made their lives complete hell, which was actually the worst part.

Of course, I completely understood that having two young children would be difficult and an exercise in selflessness and sacrifice, but I wasn’t expecting the person who was supposed to have my back to be the enemy in the camp who was working to destabilise and disrupt what was left of me that I hadn’t given to the children.

Looking back, some people would just say to me, “Well, why didn’t you leave then? If your life was full of conflict, heartbreak, disappointment, abuse, and mentally unstable behaviour at the hands of someone else, then why not just up and go? Honestly, I don’t even know if I can completely answer that question, but I can answer it in parts.

The main reason, which I told myself anyway, was that I simply didn’t have the means to leave. I was an immigrant at that time who was living on a visa in the UK and had no access to public services like funded childcare, housing support, etc. I was completely on my own financially, and of course, after having two children in quick succession, I was not flush with cash at that time either.

Another reason that I didn’t leave was that I had seen this story play out so many times before, including in my own childhood. My mom kicked my dad out of his house (there were massive power issues there, too) in a massive blaze of glory, which, as I recall, involved the police being called. I was five. But that’s not where it ended, and this brings me back to my point. Once my mom had done that, she gave him the perfect situation. He no longer had to do anything with his kids.

He was completely free to pursue a life that was exactly as he wanted it to be, without for a moment taking into consideration what his parental obligation was. And the effect that this had on my mother was to further destabilise her mentally, as she had gone from having some form of financial stability and the occasional presence of a second person, albeit a corrupted one, to having nothing.

Needless to say, he went on to have multiple relationships after they split up, which he always prioritised over his children and left the rest of us out of sight and out of mind. And I wasn’t about to make the same mistake with my children or myself. The idea of uprooting my children and placing the burden of their care directly on myself in order to compensate for someone else’s shortcomings as a husband and a father was not a decision I was about to make.

If I am brutally honest with myself, I would also say that there was an element of fear that was also holding me back from seeing leaving as a real option. There was also probably an element of hope. Which, let’s be honest, are two sides of the same coin. Even though I was bitterly unhappy in the relationship and completely unsure of how I would even go on from day to day, I was also naïve enough to still hope that there was some way that this story could have a happy ending and that if we could change this or that, then everything would be OK.

But things didn’t change. I had no power and no cards to play. And I was a mother, so I had to find a way through because, at that time, there was no way out.

Enter the PowerThoughts Meditation Club.

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PowerThoughts Meditation Club

How I Healed Myself with PowerThoughts Meditation Club

I still remember to this day how I came across the PowerThoughts Meditation Club recordings. As I would wind down at the end of another physically and emotionally exhausting day, I had been listening to the classic manifestation writings by Florence Shovel Shinn and Napoleon Hill. I think I had also been watching the classic movie The Secret, and I knew that what I was exposing myself to had the potential to help me, and to be honest, even if it was a Hail Mary, it was worth it because I was out of other options. 

So after I had listened to and watched the above books and films, I kept looking for more sources that were similar, and by luck, I stumbled over PowerThoughts Meditation Club meditation music on iTunes. I was first drawn to the I Am affirmations recordings because I just wanted to manifest a way out of the shitshow that was my life, so I went pretty hard on them.

I actually started listening to them every morning as soon as I had woken up and the last thing at night as I was laying down to go to sleep. I also started listening to them as I was pushing the boys around Wimbledon in the double pram going to playgroups and playcentres. So, I was probably listening to the recordings for approximately 3 hours a day.

After doing this for a few weeks consistently, the strangest thing started to happen: I had literally changed my mind. As in, my thinking had fundamentally changed. Here is an example of how:

In a usual interaction with the boy's dad, which had the typical hallmarks of his emotionally stunted stupidity, I would react with the expected discontented rebuttal of how he was an asshole, but on this occasion, to my surprise, I didn't. I simply stood there, listened to his stupid little tantrum, and then calmly replied that he was immensely negative and that, honestly, I would be better off without that in my life, and that if he was going to continue to behave like that, then I would not be able to continue to be in his presence or in his life.

I was stunned. My emotions had been regulated to such a degree that instead of being triggered by his attempt to destabilise me, I had a higher mental perspective on everything and could see things clearly for what they were, and that meant that they lost their power over me. It was nothing short of a personal revolution that no one else even knew was taking place, but it would be soon enough.

That was the thing about that experience: once I started that ball rolling, there was no stopping it. It started to affect areas of my life that desperately needed to have their balance restored; they had been out of kilter for decades but had also been accepted as the norm in my life. So even if I knew that I wasn’t happy or comfortable with the status quo in a relationship, I accepted it (or endured it) in the form that it was. Until I didn’t.

By listening to these recordings, I was able to, again, rise to a higher level than those people around me who had been comfortable pushing me around and using me to serve their own purposes, not mine. And immediately it stopped. And let me tell you, they freaked the fuck out.

For the first time in our lives, I would respond to people’s pushy and negative attempts to bully me with a stonewall, and it was life changing. I was the one that now held the power in the relationship, and amazingly, not because I had become more of a villain than them, but because I had become more of a hero.

Why I know PowerThoughts Meditation Club can help you too

If you have people in your life that push you around and you are being emotionally destabilised by people who clearly have issues and don’t have your best interest at heart, please try the PowerThoughts Meditation Club recordings. The best thing about this artist is that they offer such a wide range of recordings that range from 20 mins long I AM Affirmations to long form sleep tracks that last for hours. They also offer healing tones on specific frequencies which, anyone who is into natural wellness knows, can heal a damaged body or put your mind into specific modes.

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