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Sophie the Shepherdess – On the Farm

Sophie the Shepherdess
1. Sophie the Shepherdess – On the Farm
2. Sophie The Shepherdess – Lambing Season
3. Sophie the Shepherdess – The Lost Sheep

This is Sophie.

She lives on a Farm.

She is a Shepherdess.

This is her dog, Missy.

Together, Sophie and Missy take care of her flock of sheep.

(Image of Sophie with and farm scenes such as a shed, and tractor working.)

This is Sophie’s Mum and Dad.

(Images of Sophie with her Mum and Dad in the Farmhouse.)

They used to take care of the sheep on the farm too.

They taught Sophie everything she needed to know about running a farm and taking care of sheep.

When she was little, she used to help her Mum and Dad doing things like:

Shepherding the sheep from field to field.

(Images of little Sophie running after sheep on foot.)

Putting out haylage for the sheep in Wintertime.

(Image of little Sophie riding in the tractor with her dad moving a big bale of hay.)

And making sure the lambs were nice and warm in the shed at lambing time.

(Image of little Sophie putting a blanket over a lamb laying on straw in the lambing shed.)

Sophie loved growing up on a farm.

(Image of Sophie playing on the farm.)

That’s why she decided when she grew up, she wanted to become a Shepherdess.

(Image of Sophie imagining herself grownup as a Shepherdess.)

Sophie thinks that life on a farm is very special.

She is always doing different things at different times of the year, depending on the season.

Some days can be hard,

(Images of Sophie doing all the things she did when she was small with her dad, but in harder conditions; sheep running off in the wrong directions, driving rain hitting her in the face while putting out hay on the tractor, and her falling asleep in the straw while holding a little lamb in a blanket on the lambing shed floor.)

but together, Sophie and Missy know that there is no place that they would rather be.

(Image of Sophie with spring lambs jumping.)

The End

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