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Synchronicity Summary

1. Synchronicity Summary
2. Synchronicity (treatment)

Synchronicity Introduction:

This is the premise for the story that ensues, which is one of comedy, dark humor, salvation, brotherly love and the power of the individual.


A lonely retired man who lives in a crumbling seaside town in south-west England is prompted to enter a talent competition for the summer fete. His body has aged through a life of manual labor, so he is dependent on using a mobility scooter.

As a result, the act that he and his three closest pals plan to enter the talent competition with their act, synchronised driving on mobility scooters.

The are a group of three, but they need one other person to make up the team. After placing an advertisement in the local paper, a returned serviceman applies for the position. He is in a mobility scooter because he had part of his leg blown off while on tour in Iraq. He is suffering from PTSD, and he feels his marriage is in jeopardy due to him also losing the majority of his genitals.

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