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Who is Dr Johanna Budwig?

Dr Johanna Budwig Diet Protocol

Johanna Budwig (1908–2003) was a German biochemist, proponent of complementary cancer therapies, and author. In addition to being a chemist, Budwig also held doctorates in physics and chemistry. One of Germany’s top scientists of the 20th century, she was a biochemist and cancer expert with a focus on essential fats. She was nominated for the Nobel Prize seven times.

She created a lacto-vegetarian diet that she thought was helpful in the treatment of cancer based on her research on fatty acids. A high intake of polyunsaturated fat from these particular sources, according to Dr. Johanna Budwig, who created the diet in the 1950s, will aid in preventing the spread of cancer cells.

Dr Johanna Budwig’s Early Life and Career

Budwig was born in Essen and enrolled in the Kaiserswerth Deaconess Institute at the age of 16. She pursued pharmacy studies in Königsberg and Münster, where she first met Prof. Hans Kaufmann, the institution’s first director. She earned her doctorate in 1939 while serving as Kaufmann’s research assistant.

She created paper chromatography methods to identify and quantify fatty acids with Kaufmann while employed as a researcher at the German Federal Health Office. She argued that chemically altered and highly heated fats, which are primarily found in margarine, are harmful to human health. Budwig served as the Federal Institute for Fat Research’s chief expert for pharmaceuticals and fats until she resigned in 1951 amid controversy over her critical remarks about trans fatty acids.

Bugwig came to the conclusion that polyunsaturated fatty acids were protective while industrially processed fats were harmful and caused cancer and cardiovascular disease. She argued that sulphur proteins found in low-fat cottage cheese or quark, as well as linseed oil, which contains alpha-Linolenic acid, an essential omega-3 fatty acid, are very important in the diet.” She gained notoriety for her “Budwig Creme,” which is made by combining linseed oil, milk, and low-fat quark until no oil is visible.

Dr Johanna Budwig Diet Protocol
Dr Johanna Budwig Diet Protocol

Dr Johanna Budwig’s Work

She described a diet in 1952 that she said had anti-cancer properties. She referred to it as “the Budwig protocol.” The main goal of this diet is to reduce the amount of dietary fat consumed.

It is a lacto-vegetarian diet that emphasises meals high in fruits, vegetables with sauerkraut, freshly squeezed juices, nuts, and seeds, as well as flaxseed oil and other cold-pressed vegetable oils combined with cottage cheese. The diet excludes meat, seafood, sugar, butter, margarine, and other animal fats. As these plants contain proteins with sulphur content, she advised eating garlic, leeks, or onions.

Catherine Kousmine’s research was motivated by her dietary theories. Because it combines sulfur-containing amino acids found in dairy products like Quark or cottage cheese with essential omega-3 fatty acids, Dr. Budwig’s cream sets the stage for an energising start to the day. When these two substances are combined, a compound is created that maintains each substance’s full potency while allowing entry into the body, maximising its effects.

The Benefits of Dr Johanna Budwig’s Diet

Dr. Budwig’s cream consequently benefits numerous areas of health, including: It has been demonstrated to support mental health and reduce the risk of contracting many common diseases. It makes you feel satisfied but not overstuffed or lethargic. It is an excellent source of all essential fatty acids recommended daily. It increases one’s sense of vigour, vitality, and overall wellbeing

According to a 2017 study, mice with lung cancer who consumed flaxseed had fewer new lung tumours than mice who consumed a diet devoid of the seed.

Moreover, hens with ovarian cancer were the subject of other studies. After a year, the hens who consumed flaxseed had fewer late stage tumours and better outcomes than the hens who did not.

Effects of the Dr Johanna Budwig Diet on Cancer

Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery are all common cancer treatments. Others seek out complementary therapies that can aid in the healing process. The Budwig diet is one such treatment. This diet calls for the consumption of cottage cheese mixed with flaxseed oil while forgoing processed foods and animal fats.

Approximately 2500 cancer patients were treated using this protocol by her over a 50-year period, with over 90% documented success. She was nominated seven times for the Nobel Prize, but only on the condition that she follow her treatment plan that includes chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Some say this is as they didn’t want the 200 billion dollar business of cancer treatment to go out of business overnight.

For the sake of humanity, she has consistently refused to support the harmful radio and chemotherapy. 

Further studies into the Dr Johanna Budwig Diet on Cancer

In a small study conducted in 2001, the researchers enrolled 25 men who had prostate cancer and discovered that adding flaxseed to the diet could potentially lower testosterone levels. This hormone’s production can be decreased to potentially shrink tumours.

In one case study, a breast cancer patient used the Budwig diet in addition to conventional therapies like chemotherapy. It is unclear whether the Budwig diet or conventional therapies were responsible for her cancer going into remission.

Before starting the Budwig diet, people should keep the following in mind: They should follow their doctor’s recommendations for cancer treatment and inquire about any dietary or lifestyle changes. Dietary and other therapies should only be used in conjunction with, in addition to, or in support of standard medical care.

However, some people who are diagnosed with cancer for a variety of reasons do not want to undertake the often arduous traditional therapies such as chemo or radiation. For those people, this diet offers a potential natural remedy to delay or reduce any development in the cancerous cells.

The Dr Johanna Budwig Protocol Cream Recipe

Ingredients for the Dr Johanna Budwig Cream:

This yields a typical serving size for a woman; men should have up to 25% more, and children should have less.

  • Cold-pressed linseed oil, 45–50g (flax seed oil)
  • 100 g Quark (if you can’t find quark, substitute low-fat/fat-free cottage cheese or plain Greek yoghurt; the protein content of these should be between 10 and 12 percent).
  • Milk, 2 tablespoons (optional to help mixing)
  • one teaspoon of raw, cold-extracted honey (optional)

Place Linseed Oil and quark in a jug or tall container suitable for using a stick blender.   If you prefer a softer consistency add two or three tablespoons of skimmed milk.  Blend very thoroughly; is very important to continue blending until the oil completely disappears into the emulsion. If required sweeten by mixing in up to 1 tsp honey.

Blend the milk and Quark until thoroughly combined. When there is no longer any oil visible, add the flax seed oil and stir. Finally, add honey for sweetness. Serving advice: sprinkling coarsely ground, fortified flax seed on top of the Quark flax seed cream before adding fruit.

For vegans, an alternative breakfast There are a number of options available for those who choose not to consume dairy products. You can also find sulfur-containing amino acids in other foods, like millet, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, or soy, which are essential for enhancing the benefits of the cream. 

The following is an example of an alternative vegan recipe: In a bowl, mix flakes, currants, and an apple with ground, fortified flax seed. Add flax seed oil, oat or almond milk, and enjoy!

The Dr Johanna Budwig Diet Protocol Daily Routine

 GET YOUR DAY STARTED: Drink a glass of pure clean water. Followed by two or three servings of fruit (s). Fruits are ideal because the body is in “cleansing mode” in the morning.

After ten minutes, consume your breakfast. Fruits digest in 10 minutes, but other foods take 2 to 8 hours. In order to avoid causing gas and indigestion, avoid eating fruits (especially melons) after or with other foods.

Foods to eat on the Dr Johanna Budwig Diet

Instead of boiling or cooking vegetables at temperatures above 105 oF (41 oC), which destroys vital enzymes, steam cook your vegetables, which releases five times as many vitamins as most raw vegetables.

Eat the potato skins whenever you can because that is where the vitamins are.

Foods to Avoid on the Dr Johanna Budwig Diet

Foods that harm your health include sugar: Aspartame, fructose, corn syrup, white refined sugar, splendida, etc. are all extremely harmful substances that weaken the immune system and cause symptoms like anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, and early ageing.

Store-bought pastries, candies, sweets, and soda/fizzy drinks (contain 10 teaspoons of white refined sugar) cause obesity, tooth decay, osteoporosis, heart disease, the flu, the common cold, and exhaustion.

As scavengers and cleaners of the sea, rivers, and oceans, shellfish (clams, oysters, lobsters, and prawns), octopus, and eels are full of toxins. Seafood may contain parasites and viruses that are resistant to high heat and may not even be killed by it.

Pork is poisonous and contains the roundworm Trichinella spiralis. Pigs also clean the environment. Bacon, sausages, hot dogs and ham all contain dangerous additives and nitrates that harm our reproductive organs.

If you have cancer, cut back on dairy consumption while still consuming flaxseed oil and cottage cheese/quark “muesli” twice daily. Eat some sheep or goat cheese in moderation. Avoid soy because it is mostly GMO and interferes with the thyroid’s normal function.

White bread contains no nutrients. It turns into glue when combined with water and produces a host of negative health effects, including digestive problems. Refined vegetable oils, white sugar, and fructose consumption seriously harm the circulatory system and significantly lower energy levels.

Nutrients in the Budwig Diet

The Budwig diet may contain high levels of protein and omega-3 fatty acids like ALA, EPA, and DHA. Omega-3 fatty acid consumption has anti-inflammatory effects, lowers blood pressure, and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

According to a 2013 study that appeared in the ASCO Educational Book, having high levels of EPA and DHA may lower your risk of developing prostate and colon cancer. EPA and DHA may help prevent breast cancer, according to a 2015 study that was published in Breast Cancer Research. The Budwig protocol, however, has not been shown in any studies to be able to prevent any type of cancer.

Similar Diets to the Dr Johanna Budwig Protocol

Bill Henderson Protocol is a comparable diet. Clinical trials have not been performed to investigate the Budwig diet as a potential cancer treatment. There are no published case reports, and there is no direct evaluation of the diet’s safety in the medical literature.

The nursing faculty at the University of Calgary in Canada examined the Bill Henderson Protocol, a diet that is comparable to Budwig’s. The Budwig diet’s history was included in a review of the Bill Henderson Protocol that was published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients in 2011.

Budwig’s diet is followed by Henderson’s protocol, which includes the flaxseed and cottage cheese concoction. The addition of supplements to Henderson’s protocol is the main distinction between these protocols.

Summary of Budwig’s Life and Work

 German biochemist Dr. Johanna Budwig was a leading expert on fats and nutrition who was nominated for the Nobel Prize seven times. Even after conventional doctors had given up on them, she used her techniques to successfully treat patients with terminal cancer, heart conditions, arthritis, ulcers, and other illnesses.

Dr. Budwig discovered that while the blood of a healthy person always contains adequate levels of these essential components, the blood of seriously ill cancer patients was deficient in phosphatides and lipoproteins, among other important essential ingredients. She discovered that when these natural ingredients were substituted over the course of about three months, tumours gradually shrank, anaemia and weakness vanished, and life energy was recovered. Diabetes, liver dysfunction, and cancer symptoms were all improved.

Nowadays, there is really only one institution, The Utopia Cancer Center, that is honoured to work in conjunction with the Malaga, Spain-based Budwig Center. Utopia Cancer Center has been approved as a Budwig Center in the United States by Dr. Lloyd Jenkins, a certified naturopath and owner of the Budwig Center.

 Books by Dr Johanna Budwig

Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis Heart Infarction Cancer and Other Diseases

The Oil Protein Diet Cookbook

The Budwig Cancer & Coronary Heart Disease Prevention Diet: The Revolutionary Diet from Dr. Johanna Budwig, the Woman Who Discovered Omega-3s

Cancer – The Problem and the Solution

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