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What is Capitocracy and Why you Should be Scared

The term “capitocracy” is not a widely recognized or established concept in political science or governance. However, it appears to be derived from the word “capital,” suggesting a system or form of government in which capital or wealth plays a central role in decision-making and influence.

In a general sense, if we were to speculate on the meaning based on the components of the word, a “capitocratic government” might imply a system where economic or financial power holds significant sway over political processes and policies. This could manifest in various ways, such as policies favoring economic elites, minimal regulation on wealth accumulation, or a governance structure heavily influenced by corporate interests.

It’s important to note that without a clear and widely accepted definition, interpretations of the term may vary, and its usage might be context-specific or rooted in theoretical discussions rather than practical political realities. If you encounter the term in a specific context, it would be essential to consider the source and the context in which it is used for a more accurate understanding.

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