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Donc Voilà Quoi

Bienvenue à Donc Voilà Quoi

Hello and Welcome to Donc Voilà Quoi

I am so glad you are here visiting me! Wherever you came from, thank you.

Writing has been at the centre of my life since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I think that might be why I say that words are my superpower! In addition, I am a long-time language-lover and in addition to English I also speak French, Spanish and Arabic.

For that reason, you should also make sure that you check out the Mind Your Language podcast. It is a fun, light hearted look at all things language and culture.

Please also check out my Instagram feed below and follow me to keep up with my work and gain some insight into my daily life living in rural Britain.

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Mind Your Language

Mind Your Language Podcast @mindyourlanguage

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My Writing

My Journal posts, Fiction, Novels, and Screenplays for TV of Film

In Memory of Guy Fawkes

The saying "the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions" has become synonymous with Guy Fawkes, an iconic figure in British history. This blog post seeks to unravel the myth surrounding Fawkes and explore the historical context that led to the creation of this enduring phrase.

Blood/Money (Summary)

Irish girl from a wealthy horse breeding family travels to Saudi Arabia accompanying a prized stallion. However, betrayal and complexity result in her being accused of murder. Will she escape with her life?

Dolores (Treatment)

The story of a Latina girl (Lola) who has a tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend, who is also the father of their young son, who is about 4 years old at the time. The father is from a very well-off family; they live in Florida. The adults are in their 30s. The story is told from the first-person perspective of Lola, as we are supposed to be missing large parts of the story, as she is throughout.
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