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Hi, I’m Jessie Louise.

Jessie Louise Picture Donc, Voilà Quoi

I’m a digital creator who spends her spare time working on original prints, books, and downloadable guides in the areas that fascinate me. By day, I am a coach and counsellor, and I love speaking with people and helping them improve their lives.

I am the author of The Self-Coach Approach, and I am currently operating several coaching programs as well as stand-alone one to one consultations.

I love helping people get in touch with their inner world, including their spiritual and creative sides. If you would like to do the same, I recommend my Coeur de Lion creativity coaching program.

I also a holistic life audit coaching program called The 5th Element Coaching Program, whereby we take a detailed look at all the areas of your life as they align with the 5 Pillars: Spiritual, Physical, Environmental, Conscious/Unconscious Mind, and Material world.

Je suis… Donc, Voilà Quoi.

I am so glad you are here visiting me! Wherever you came from, make sure you check out the amazing shop full of books that I have written (see below). Writing has been at the centre of my life since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I think that might be why I say that words are my superpower! In addition, I am a long-time language lover. I also speak French, Spanish, English, and some Arabic.

For that reason, you should also make sure that you check out my latest love, the podcast Mind Your Language. It is a fun, light-hearted look at all things language and culture. Don’t forget my journal and YouTube channel, which is a heartfelt series of vlogs and posts on me, my life, and the world at large.

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My Books on Holistic Wellness, Spirituality, Travel + More

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I have always loved Art. Here are some of my works.

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Mind Your Language Podcast @mindyourlanguage

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