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A Poem for the Children of Palestine

A Poem for the Children of Palestine

In the land where olive trees sway,
Children of Palestine, we hear you play.
Underneath the moon’s soft glow,
May peace embrace you as the winds gently blow.

In the night’s quiet, stars above,
Whispering dreams of hope and love.
Though shadows may cast their darkened spell,
Your resilience, like a story to tell.

Amidst the echoes of history’s pain,
Children of Palestine, in our hearts, remain.
Hold fast to dreams, like kites in the sky,
May joy be your compass, as you soar high.

In every tear, find a river of grace.
A promise of a brighter, kinder space.
Let the world unite in a comforting embrace.
For the children of Palestine, a future of grace.

May the sun rise on a land renewed.
Where laughter and peace are daily pursued.
Children of Palestine, under the moonlit art,
Know you’re cherished and held close in every heart.

Jessie Louise


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