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Man in a Chair a Poem by Jessie Louise

Man in a Chair a Poem by Jessie Louise

Man in a Chair

I will not bow my head to you, 
I will not let you in, 
You will never control me, 
I will never let you win. 

You can lock me in shackles, 
Take my freedom and my life, 
but no matter what you try to take, 
You will never take my pride. 

I hold my head in defiance, 
I look you in the eyes, 
I will never avert my gaze from yours, 
I will never give you that prize. 

You may beat me, rob me, 
Take all that I possess,
But there is one thing that you can never steal, 
And that is my nobleness. 

Because I will not bow my head to you, 
I will never let you win, 
I will sit tall, hold my head high, 
and I will do so until the end.  
Jessie Louise


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